Unit 3: The Great Divergence (Chapter 3)

Some readings require Adobe Acrobat Reader (latest version recommended)
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Due: Extra Vocab (extra credit) & answers to Mankind (optional assignment); Elements of the State; Origins of the Protestant Reformation

Half Day: Yom Kippur

No School: Yom Kippur

The Five Themes of Geography via Germany; The Protestant Reformation

Bring earbuds

The Catholic Counterreformation; The Thirty Years' War & It's Global Impact; review for test

Read Chapter 3 (The Great Divergence, pp. 36-38); watch video (2) (up through Germany and the Five Themes of Geography); How did the Catholic Curch lose its position in Europe at the expense of nation-states? (ETC: 35 mins) No assignments No assignments

Read Chapter 3 (The Great Divergence, pp. 39-43); video (3); How did Europe transcend into a system of independent states? (ETC: 40 mins)

Study for Test

Test: Unit 2 & Start of Unit 3 (Objective only)

No class: Day of Service

Globalization of European Culture and Commerce; update on Fantasy Geopolitics

Five Themes; Little Ice Age; Confucius & Asian Culture

Asian Feudalism; Changes in Japan and Korea; Writing Workshop - Filter & Edit (thesis statement rubric)

Read Chapter 3 (The Great Divergence; pp. 43); watch video (4); How did the European state model spread throughout the world? (ETC: 30 mins)

Read a news article pertaining to ONE of your countries in Fantasy Geopolitics (preferably a story that connects to an international scale); be prepared to discuss this in class

Read Chapter 3 (The Great Divergence; pp. 44-46); watch video (5); Why didn't the Beasts of the East establish overseas empires? (ETC: 35 mins)

Read Chapter 3 (The Great Divergence; pp. 46-48); watch video (6); How did Japan become a nation-state, and why did it become isolationist? (ETC: 35 mins)

Submit Thesis on the Discussion Post on Schoology; read Chapter 3 (The Great Divergence; pp. 48-50); watch video (7); Why don't [most] Americans speak Chinese? (ETC: 30 mins)

The Search for Stability in China;
Regional Connections;
read theses (comment on which you think is best (cannot be your own))

Chinese Stagnation; the Modern Nation-State in Crisis

Review for quest; Writing Workshop

Unit 3 Quest: The Great Divergence (Objective & Thesis Statement); extra vocab due

No School: Parent-Teacher Conferences
Finish reading Chapter 3 (The Great Divergence; 50-51); watch video (8); What caused China to focus inward while Europe was focusing outward?(ETC: 35 mins) Review for quest review

Study for quest

Think of something Read Chapter 4 (Trading Places, pp. 53-55); watch video; Why did the Islamic Empires lose their position of power to the Europeans? (ETC: 40 mins)