Unit 3 Vocabulary: The Great Divergence

Extra credit vocabulary is always due the day of the unit test (unless otherwise stated):
1) Define the term in your own words in one or two sentences;
2) Discuss the significance or importance of the vocabulary term in one or two sentences.

1.   The Great Divergence
2.   Limitation of the Five Themes & Japan
3.   Medieval Warm Period & the Little Ice Age
4.   Material Culture vs. Nonmaterial Culture
5.   Social Hierarchy: East vs. West
6.   Geopolitical Situation: East vs. West
7.   Feudal Japan & the Age of Warring States
8.   Unification & Isolation of Japan
9.   Ascendancy & Expansion of China (under the Ming)
10. Stagnation & Decline of China's Relative Power (under the Ming & Qing)