Unit 6 Vocabulary: Language and Religion

Optional vocabulary is always due the day of the unit test:
1) Define the term in your own words in one or two sentences;
2) Discuss the significance or importance of the vocabulary term in one or two sentences

1.   Language, Dialect & Mutual Intelligibility
2.   Language Formation: Divergence, Coinvergence, & Extinction
3.   Language Families and Subfamilies
4.   Lingua Franca, Pidgin, & Creole Language
5.   Language and Politics: Official Language & Global Language
6.   Religions From South Asia: Hinduism & Buddhism
7.   Religions From East Asia: Shinto, Taoism & Confucianism
8.   Religions From the Eastern Mediterranean: Judaism, Christianity & Islam
9.   Religion in the Cultural Landscape
10. Interfaith and Intrafaith Boundaries