Unit 1 Vocabulary: Foundations of Civilization

Optional vocabulary is always due the day of the unit test (with the exception of the first two identifications, or unless otherwise specifically stated). The optional vocabulary is worth a maximum of 2 extra credit points. To receive full credit you must:
1) Define the term in your own words in one or two sentences (no more, no less);
2) Discuss the significance or importance of the vocabulary term in one or two sentences (no more, no less).

1.   Bottlenecks & Hunting and Gathering
2.   The Great Catalyst of Change
3.   Plant and Animal Domestication
4.   Subsistsence Agriculture
5.   First Urban Revolution
6.   Civilization: Positive and Negative Characteristics
7.   Classical Era: Population and Politics
8.   Classical Era: Religion and Culture
9.   Post-Classical Era: Commerce and Connections
10. Post-Classical Era: Politics and Society